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Art on Track
August 7th, 2010
5:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Project Statement:

Linking a private home space with a public commuter train in their installation, Encroachment, the artist and curatorial group, 3 Blondes and a Bald Guy, will transform a CTA train car from a transitory, utilitarian space to a destination in itself.

When traveling on the el, common notions of “personal space” disappear yet we still carry the idea of our private space with us. In allowing the two worlds encroach upon one another, the artists aim to completely subvert the function of a train car by making it a public transportation Home-Away-From-Home. While some of the yellow and blue seats, doors, lighting, maps and advertising of a typical el train are still visible, so too are the curtains, carpet, and room vignets of the average home.

In an alternative method of viewer interaction, this dream-like, imaginary world is inhabited with both the average headphone-wearing, cel phone-talking, Tribune reading commuter as well as their private selves at home in their own kitchen, living room, study and bathroom. While the sunset illuminates mom baking cookies, a suited executive waits impatiently for their stop scanning the day’s the news. Which train do you ride?


Want to help us spread the word? Download and print this simple PDF flyer about Car #3 and post it at your favorite haunts! Feel free to e-mail it too or invite people to our open Facebook Event.